You decided to get Sitecore as you wanted to get a personalised website to wow your users with relevant content at the right time - but still this was the first thing you dropped during Implementation. Well then start now with personalisation and marketing automation! The Sitecore SBOS Workshop was developed for as an interactive format for Sitecore customers.

The workshop is based on the SOSTAC frame work and combines this with the technical abilities of your Sitecore implementation to reach your individual business KPIs.

In this workshop, the participants will work on the following:

  • What is behind SBOS?
  • Determination of Digital Maturity
  • Setting Business Goals
  • Understanding and specifying website goals for personalisation
  • Target group identification and weighting
  • Determination of the components to be personalized
  • Development of the rules for the first steps to independently use the Sitecore Experience Platform
At the end of the workshop you will have a concrete plan which you can immediately implement in Sitecore without further programming. You will be well prepared for further steps to implement further steps without help. Of course, our specialists are also available to help you with the configuration.

Start now!