We have been successfully integrating e-commerce since 2011 into our clients platforms. We help you along the the way with your e-commerce project from taking in your ideas to shipping your first order.

Especially SMBs

Medium-sized companies and B2B providers in particular are often real pioneers and technology leaders with their products. However, most of their products are still sold purely via the POS or via retailers. We ask: Why don't you save yourself the high margins and costs? Today, having your own web shop is no longer witchcraft. You have a direct line to your customers, can scale at low cost and penetrate new markets. And you can achieve more profit per customer through up- and cross-selling.

Today, your own online shop is often cheaper and more effective than relying purely on traditional sales channels or intermediary online retailers such as Amazon. If you are not sure whether e-commerce is the right thing for your company, let us talk. We have been advising and accompanying companies on their way into e-commerce since 2011. The technology is far-reaching: Web shops can be set up and operated quickly and cheaply these days.

Take advantage of the expertise of our e-commerce specialists and let us calculate what a web shop costs and brings for you! We are also happy to help you expand your online business with online marketing. From persona development and search engine optimization to social media or influencer marketing: our online marketing experts know how to lead web shops to international success.

Experience since 2011

In 2011 we build the wirst web-shop for one of the then largest low cost telecoms providers in Germany, Tele 2 in Sitecore. 2012 Montblanc follow with a complex web shop on the basis of Sitecore integrated with SAP. 2013 we added Fahne Herold with an Insite and Sitecore Integration to our portfolio. 2014 we help launched our in-house developed golfing platform MEANDMYPRO, 2015 we established the business in the US as the go to tool for Pro Teachers. 2016 saw the launch of Festools e-commerce basis and establishment of the digitisation of their entire service offering. 2017 we used Kenticos e-commerce features to launch Ghorban - Delikatessen and brought this business online to reach his loyal customers even in far away Dubai.

Maybe 2020 sees the launch of your business online?

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