EPISERVER: The Customer-Centric Digital Experience Platform

Episerver is an outstanding foundation to create a unique digital experience. The platform supports the digital growth strategy of large corporations and well-known brands such as IKEA, Bosch, Deutsche Bahn, Pizza Hut, Rossmann, and Mazda through a highly customer-centric approach. Like we at netzkern, the software manufacturer has been championing quality digital solutions since the 1990s.

Content Cloud: a leading CMS

Episerver's Content Cloud is our focus. We help you design, administer, and deliver multi-layered and secure experiences for every visitor with a single interface.

  • Align your marketing strategy with the customer
  • Automate the interaction with each customer
  • Quickly adapt your strategy to market changes

COMMERCE CLOUD: Adapt to changing Buying Behaviour

Episerver's Commerce Cloud delivers a comprehensive shopping experience out-of-the-box, so you can get started immediately and optimise as you go.

  • Engage customers at all stages of the customer journey
  • Support your POS with a digital channel
  • Integrate your internal systems easily via the App Marketplace

EPISERVER CAMPAIGN: Reach your Customers at the right time via the right channel

With this powerful campaign management solution, you can ensure precisely-timed communication across all channels.

  • Play out consistent messages across your key marketing channels
  • Drive relevance through personalised, automated campaigns
  • Incorporate behavioural triggers or events into your messaging

INTELLIGENCE CLOUD: The intelligent way to interact with each other

As a digital agency with a lot of personalisation know-how, Episerver offers you a way to address your target group in a much more individualised and automated way. Episerver's personalisation and analytics use AI to deliver highly personalised experiences and generate insights anytime, anywhere.

  • Test and optimise for optimal results
  • Reach your customers exactly where they are in the customer journey with automated 1:1 recommendations
  • Rely on holistic reporting to guide your next steps 


With 100 passionate digital specialists (including many experienced .NET specialists and Episerver developers), we are happy to support you in your success with Episerver.

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