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Sitecores opens up new ways to shape content agile, personalise it and to show it at the right moment. netzkern’s experts bundle specialist knowledge and experience about strategy, design, implementation, web operations, and hosting. We are convinced: Sitecore rocks!

Why do we believe in Sitecore?

According to Gartner, Sitecore has been one of the most innovative platforms in the world for content management and digital marketing for a long time. Whether websites, online-shops, e-mail or social media: you can offer relevant content to your target audience from one single system. Even offline.

This is also shown in the satisfaction of our clients with this flexible, scalable software. The framework on .NET basis also offers ideal conditions for integration into existing Microsoft systems.

Sitecore is a global actor and continues to improve their software with more than 350 employees. Nearly 5.000 certified developers assure further input and high actuality based on real requirements

netzkern has at its deposal 45 certified Sitecore developers and numerous experts. Four times, one of our developers was awarded as Sitecore Most Valuable Professional (MVP). With experience and new approaches, we aim to achieve the best for you. With our joint creativity, website and software solution will be easy-to-use and become a catalyst for technical and digital innovation.

Leverage the know-how of one of Germany’s biggest Sitecore teams.

Full Service Sitecore

netzkern is a long-standing Sitecore Platinum Partner. With more than 90 employees, we offer the necessary manpower and experience to design and build complex projects. For years we are supporting corporate companies such as Bayer, Covestro, Vonovia and RWE as well as businesses like DUS Airport, DA Direkt and FahnenHerold as leading Sitecore Partner.

We build hundreds of web content management, e-commerce and online marketing projects based on Sitecore. A pillar of our success is our consulting team. We happily assist you with one of our multi-time MVP consultants when neither you nor another partner knows how to proceed.

netzkern offers 100% German-language support. We thus provide the leading German-speaking team of specialists for everything concerning Sitecore. We assist, train, develop and host.

Sitecore Development

2006, we were one of the first Sitecore Partners in Germany and are one of the most experienced Sitecore Platinum Implementation Partners in the DACH region. Our Sitecore team features:
  • 4 Sitecore Most Valuable Professional (MVP) awards
  • 5 certified Sitecore coaches trainers
  • 6 Online Marketing Suite (OMS) professionals
  • 45 certified Sitecore developers
  • 250+ projects and the experience that comes with them
  • 30.000+ man-days’ experience in development
  • 4 Sitecore Experience Awards

Sitecore Consulting

Digital communication grows ever more important in catching the attention of your target audience. Only an effective combination of multiple channels and tools will convince your customers. Sitecore offers many functionalities from WCM to personalisation and automatic interaction. To gradually achieve more with Sitecore, we offer comprehensive Sitecore consulting.

Our consulting services for Sitecore encompass the joint planning of complex solution as well as answering questions from your own developers. Leverage the expertise of the biggest Sitecore team in Germany! A guarantee for our continuing quality is the three-times award of one of our developers as Sitecore Most Valuable Professional (MVP).

We are looking forward to visit you for an initial discussion or a Sitecore workshop.

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Marketing with Sitecore

The Sitecore Experience Platform (XP) allows you to target your customers directly, with personalised content. Sitecore offers state of the art personalisation features starting with automatically showing targeted imagery to displaying more relevant products, A/B testing, e-mail management and social networking as well as cross-channel solutions for bricks-and-mortar outlets of your business. Our digital marketing experts are looking forward to helping you succeed.

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SBOS Workshops

You chose Sitecore for its powerful personalisation and marketing automation features but this was the first thing that got out of scope? The Sitecore SBOS workshop was made especially for our Sitecore clients and is designed as an interactive workshop. The format is tailored to your business working with your website. Start now with personalisation and marketing automation.

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