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When have you last been annoyed about a bad website? And why were you annoyed? Did something not work? Did you fail to find something? Bad service? All these aspects contribute to the user experience. As user we always gather experiences – while driving with our car, while doing the laundry with our washing machine, or while shopping in an online shop.
Usability (serviceability, user-friendliness) and user experience (UX) are two dimension every user of a product or service evaluates consciously or unconsciously: Can the user use a product intuitively and effectively? Is the handling user-friendly? This experience includes not only fitting content but also a fitting design, the necessary functions to attain the goal, and technical performance. Good usability is a must-have feature for successful digital solutions.
Nowadays, everybody wants to do as much as possible with their smartphone. Smartphones offer freedom that a desktop computer lacks. We are now accustomed to the internet and smartphones show that the requirements of users have changed. We want to reveal and understand these requirements to successfully consider them into your project.

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User-centred design, to move the user into the centre of the whole project, is a challenge for all projects. With requirement and design workshops, we jointly develop ideas for your product that can be tested by real users in design sprints. Step by step we move your project closer to perfection.
We consider usability and UX before and during development. A design that is geared towards your target audience, available functionality, retrievable content or a good structure in your content management system – we help you to achieve a positive user experience.
To find out whether we create a positive user experience or how we can improve, we emphasise user tests. With these, we can answer questions like: “Are we on the right path?”, “Where are weaknesses?”, or “What user behaviour did we not expect?” With help of defined metrics and relevant web analytics, we decide where and how to optimise. If the numbers are unclear, A/B tests can provide additional insight for increased success.

Web strategy

Business goals, requirements, target audiences, user experience, user-friendliness – we use these terms daily in planning and strategy for projects. We do not claim to be able to present to you a finished product a few weeks after our initial meeting. Instead, we will scrutinise your wishes and goals and engage in discussion, for example how well you know your competitors. Our strategists see themselves as translators and spokespeople of the users and also have the ambition to fulfil your business goals. Only if the target and user groups – the clients of our clients – are satisfied, your projects can be successful.

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Design provides orientation. Design conveys quality and value of products, services, brands, and businesses. Good design has a positive impact on our decisions. Thus, the design of digital solution for all displays and every situation is our passion. It is not enough to convey the core of your brand and to look good, it also needs to "feel" right.

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Our content management systems Sitecore and Kentico provide individual solutions that allow a flexible adaption and maintenance of content. netzkern will assist you as needed or take care of the whole content entry and maintenance.

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