Web Strategy

Business goals, requirements, target audiences, user experience, user-friendliness – in planning and strategy development for projects we use these terms daily. It is not our task to present to you a finished product a few weeks after our initial meeting. Instead, we will scrutinise your wishes and goals and engage in a discussion, for example how well you know your competitors. Our strategists see themselves as translators and spokespeople of the users and also have the ambition to fulfil your business goals. For only if the target and user groups – the clients of our clients – are satisfied, the projects can be successful.

Clearly define your requirements

Do you know your goals? Did you make the goals for the development of your project explicit? Yes? Then we can translate your goals into functionality, content and design. If you do not yet know your exact requirement, we are happy to help you get your requirements for design and development right in order to make your solution special.

Planning digital interaction

Requirements should be based on common understanding. We can visualise functionalities as wire frames or provide them them as user stories. This way we can ensure that the requirements are known and clear for the whole team.

Users and their needs

Together we want to develop the digital interaction between the user interfaces and your target audiences. Only if we can service your target audience, you will meet your business goals. With wire frames and click dummies we ensure that the needs of your users are known and will be considered while finding the perfect solution. We do not plan castles in the sky but future-proof visions. Our strategies are tailor-made to take your users to their goal as simple and inspirational as possible.

Personalised User Experience

Based on our vast experience and on what is technically possible and reasonable, we will create an overall experience that combines all touch points. We offer personalisation strategies that use the interactions between the product and the user as well as what we know about them in order to provide the right content at the right time to the right person.

Methods and tools

netzkern employs many established methods and tools. We will immerse ourselves into your world and align your requirements with the demands and needs of your users. Step by step, the profile will increase in focus. At the same time we ensure that we know where we are going.
Close consultation is important in every process model. Only this way, everybody will get an impression of the big picture.
  • Competitor analyses and expert reviews
  • Requirement workshops
  • Definition of goals and KPIs
  • Personas
  • Wireframing
  • Consultation
  • Recommendations for action
  • Monitoring of actual use and interviews
  • &c.


Dr. Daniel Schulten, CEO
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