Sitecore Hosting

Web operations

An increasing number of businesses rely on the hosting service of netzkern, one of the most experienced Sitecore Platinum Partners in Europe. They save investments in expensive equipment, time-intensive maintenance, and certified experts. Instead, they go with a data centre cluster that achieves highest standards for performance and security and our guarantee for an absolutely failsafe performance.
Communication and information exchange grow ever more important. Whether you call your mother, start a video chat with an oversea friend, go shopping, or your autonomous car communicates with another vehicle. Our society is developing rapidly and demands better and more reliable solutions in different areas. Out team at netzkern supports our clients and builds their ideas with seminal technologies.
This includes our data centre that keeps apps and websites running 24/7. With an highly qualified team that has lots of project experience, we support our clients with data centre and online services since 2002

Our core competences in web operations:

  • Redundant infrastructure at two geographic locations
  • Server hosting and housing
  • Virtualisation
  • High availability
  • Cloud solutions
  • Security services
  • Server monitoring
  • SLAs for servers and services
  • Decentralised backup strategies

Technical specifications

Hosting by netzkern is based on server and storage systems at two locations. The systems are redundant and connected by a four-fold 10 GB fibre optic cable connections, a so-called Dark Fibre. 50 TB of memory-storage per data centre are transferred and synchronised via fibre optic cable and a separate DataCore layer in milliseconds. To assure smooth operations, several administrators acquired the certification as DCIEs (DataCore Certified Implementation Engineer). Our cluster servers are also designed redundantly and capable of providing several hundred high-performance servers per location. As virtualisation platform we go with Microsoft’s data centre solutions with Hyper-V.

Best Sitecore hosting

Hosting by netzkern is especially geared towards the requiremtns of Sitecore clients, with additional focus on big, complex, multi-national projects. For a perfect Sitecore hosting setup we use optimised Microsoft SQL setups as well as the noSQL server systems based on MongoDB. Individual configurations, redundant server load balancers and firewall assure the security of the hosted sites.

Server housing and rack housing

Apart from hosting, we offer to house your own server in our modern high-availability server environment with an excellent connection to one of the most powerful European backbones. The sophisticated management solutions from remote administration to 24/7 monitoring guarantee fail-safe performance and special comfort.


A direct connection to the future-proof, scalable high capacity backbone of Level(3) with a direct connection to all internet backbone providers of level 1 (tier 1) and an additional share of 90% of all private network interconnections assures direct routing and undisturbed connectivity – worldwide.


With more than 6.800 m² of technical premises the location Connecta Park (Düsseldorf) offers space for growth within state-of-the-art high-end infrastructure. The direct connection to the motorway network (A46, Düsseldorf-Eller), sufficient parking space, and working areas guarantee a stress-free job.


Multi-level restrictions with photo identity, pin code, and biometric palm scanner. Highest security is guaranteed through alarm-secured outer doors, consistent video surveillance and separately closed racks.

Remote management

Integrated solutions for convenient remote management will reduce your efforts. Assisted by a remote KVM, you can work on your sever via internet as if you sat in a directly-connected screen. If absolutely inevitable, you can even trigger a power-reset of your system.

Power supply

If both dedicated connections to the power grid fail, redundant UPS modules will bridge the time until a diesel generator takes over. This takes less than a minute and will cover all power requirements. The generator can also be refueled while running and thus guarantees available power for up to 100%.

Air conditioning

An underfloor air con system that was specially made for computer systems assures that your systems and our data centre never gets too hot. The system features a redundant n+1 architecture, regulates humidity and guarantees a steady cooling performance.

Fire Protection

Fire prevention is possible through the Very Intelligent Early Warning System. It constantly monitors the rooms atmosphere with particle analysis. Additional smoke detectors above and below the double floor facilitate an extra-early fire detection. If a fire happens, a double-preventive protection keeps damage low via dry rising mains.

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