Websites with system

We work for Barmenia since 2011 and realised various projects like website relaunches, tariff calculators, microsites, and most recently the brand presence for IMPACT. netzkern assisted with strategy, design, and development.
We provide support with strategy, design and development for the insurer for many years. From this co-operation sprung many web projects that moved Barmenia along on their path of digital transformation.
  • The design relaunch of the main website ( Various goals were achieved: improved usability, more relevant information, and an increased conversion rate for example via the new online premium calculator. Partner agencies and regional offices got their own Barmenia website with individually maintained areas and a Barmenia sub-url of their own.
  • Introduction of a mobile website when more and more customers sought information about Barmenia's products and services.
  • Microsite and individually developed premium calculator when legislation about unisex tariffs came into force.
  • B2B web presence for company health insurance.
  • The independent brand presence of ForumFinanz AG for investment accounting

Always looking good

And finally: The Barmenia brand presence that targets a young, aspiring audience. As technological basis we chose Kentico and built the IMPACT website in a modular system. This way, additional brand, product, and campaign websites of Barmenia can be launched quickly and with minimal effort.
„netzkern supports our numerous digital projects since 2011. We value the sound advice and technical experise of the Wuppertal-based digital specialists.“
Heiko Scholz, Senior Head of Marketing Barmenia