Enjoying Online Marketing

We support the biggest BMW car dealership in Düsseldorf with planning, designing and buying digital campaigns for the MINI Clubman.
With more than 180 employees, the BWM Autohaus Timmermanns is among the biggest car dealerships in North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW). Our online marketing team supported the BMW contract partner in increasing their reach. Primary goal of the 3-month-campaign was to garner attention for the new MINI Clubman car model and the new leasing offers. We developed a suitable online marketing strategy with three elements

Reach: To get to the regional target audience at every relevant digital point of contact, our digital experts created and placed display ads, Google AdWords ads and a Facebook campaign. In the campaign period of three months, thousands of interested people from NRW could be reached. The tag management based on Google Tag Manager allowed the Wuppertal experts, to measure the success of the ad placements as well as the click paths of the visitors in real time.

Inform: When somebody clicked on an ad, they were taken to a responsive, mobile-optimised landing page that we developed specifically for the campaign. This website provided information about the new MINI Clubman and the attractive leasing offer as well as impressions of the car.

Optimise: Online-Marketing is anything but a sure-fire success. To maximise the effect of the ad budget, our experts constantly checked clicks, click paths and budgets for each ad and channel. Overachieving elements were reinforced and underperforming element either replaced or optimised.

The campaign was active from September until December 2016.