Lego-Style website with self-service customer portal

We introduced Sitecore at EWE in 2018. All websites, the customer portal and technical maintenance were continuously modernised and optimised. netzkern developed an easy-to-use portal construction kit with which the service provider from the North can create websites quickly like building with Lego. For our services we won a much-coveted Sitecore Experience Award.

The regional energy and communications provider has been our customer since 2013. Our Sitecore experts introduced the Sitecore Experience Platform, linked it to EWE-specific product logic and availability checks, and integrated the EWE store finder and an event tool. Data from the websites flows automatically into EWE's backend, where it can be further processed without system breakage.

Customers benefit on from great usability and many online services. We relaunched the central customer website for the first time in 2015 and lastly completely overhauled it in 2018, streamlining it and trimming it to Mobile-First. Certain services such as Service (, e-Mobility ( and EWE live ( were outsourced to their own sub domains. They can be brought more into focus through links and campaigns.

We have developed a new solution to relieve the workload in the area of mobile communications. This takes the current price and tariff data from a central database, links it with the device data of the various smartphones from a third-party system and uses it to create complete mobile phone tariff pages for the website - including the availability check for energy, DSL and fibre optics with prices and products. Until now, it was only possible to combine tariffs and end devices into packages with manual effort.

We launched a new service with high business impact in 2018:, the customer self-service for energy customers. For the customer portal, our digital experts connected an external single sing-on system and integrated it with Sitecore's roles and permissions system to provide various services. The customer portal offers miscellaneous services like maintenance of master data (contact data, names, etc.), reporting metre readings, checking and changing advance payments (including a calculator), an overview of energy contracts, and the possibility to view and download online invoices. An expansion of the customer portal is planned for the following months.

Agility was always valued in this cooperation: We assist EWE with professional consulting and developed, coordinated, and deliver components based strategies in agile sprints

Sitecore Experience Award 2016

Our work for EWE, was awarded the Sitecore Experience Award 2015 in the category "Best Sitecore Digital Strategy". This accolade is awarded by the Sitecore jury for a comprehensive overall strategy with Sitecore.

The construction kit of templates and functionalities that we originally developed in 2015 allows EWE to create additional portals, websites, and microsites with the same look and feel as quickly and independently. EWE editors can create web pages and subdomains like using Lego bricks by arranging multiple components and optimising the content for individual views for desktop and mobile devices. IT knowledge is not necessary. 2018 we improved this cooperation with the editors. The new solution provides high editorial flexibility and interesting offers, tailor-made for the individual user and display.
„Through the standardisation in development and the modular structure, we achieved a simple editorial handling and reusability of components. Working with netzkern was fruitful in all areas. netzkern demonstrates great understanding of the requirements and delivers them purpose-driven to the benefit of our customers while unifying technology and creativity. netzkern delivered the launch of on time and within budget.“
Dr. Carsten Sommer, Group Online Systems, EWE AG