An online sales talent

We accompany the regional delicacies manufacturers for many years. The new web shop/blog combines storytelling, e-commerce, and social media marketing in a perfect symbiosis.
We first pepped up the the website of the delicatessen store Ghorban in 2014. The ingredients: highly visual design, intuitive user navigation, and copy with a bite. 2017 we made the next step towards digital transformation and replaced the website with an online shop with recipes and a blog. Our experts developed an e-commerce and a digital marketing strategy based on the eight steps of digital planning. Afterwards, we designed and developed the web shop and the backend system and provided hosting.

Technological basis is Kentico 9. The shop offers new sales opportunities to the Ghorban Delikatessen Manufaktur and connects them with simple processes for odering, shipment, and payment. Connecting the shop and blog to Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and Youtube increased reach and the number of Ghorban fans.

A particular highlight is the specially developed "Wirecard Module for Kentico". This module is integrated via iFrame, conforms to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard and allows payment via the Wirecard Checkout Portal. The highly granular roles model of Kentico CMS allows for the shipping company & editors to have their own view onto the system allowing them to focus on their tasks. This makes for highly efficient workflows.

The new, responsive website features four areas: products, a new recipe area, an overview of locations, and the storytelling blog "Ramin's Travels". This has been achieved with a visual and tone of voice distinct, professional magazine character. A  photographer accompanied Ramin Ghorban on his travels to the farmers and craftsmen in Spain, Italy, or Greece. The blog posts highlight the high quality requirements of brand and product. With a link to the shop, users can order the products as if they purchased them during their own vacation in Tuscany.

From Wireframe …

… to final Website

„Our web shop simplifies many processes and increases our reach. Orders can be taken online and I can share my stories and my passion for good food with lots more people than is possible offline.“
Ramin Ghorban, CEO Ghorban Delikatessen Manufaktur