Digital Transformation in the Bergisches Land region

Digital transformation in the publishing sector: We brought the regional business magazine INCENTO with its recommendation marketing online and connected it closely with Facebook.

Many organisations ask themselves: How can I reasonably transfer my offers into the digital world and how can my business profit from channels like Facebook? We took the idea behind INCENTO, transferred it to the digital world, and created an online magazine that is optimised for mobile devices and connected with a Facebook fan page. The online magazine is just as good as its print equivalent - from the first idea to strategy, design, and realisation. regularly features interesting reports about businesses from the Bergisches Land region. The Facebook fan page is the extension of the website and ensures the spread of articles into the Social Web. On this digital path, interesting articles are shared with friends, colleagues, or business partners much more easily than before. A like on Facebook and an INCENTO post get to all friends. Moreover, INCENTO now reaches a different, younger target audience over digital channels. Both ways, print and digital, complement each other perfectly. And spreading news via the INCENTO network can now be done in an instant.

As technological basis of we implemented the content management system Kentico. This is another proof of Kentico's multidimensional nature.

From wireframes ...

... to finished website


  • Digital transformation of the print magazine to online
  • Co-authoring of the "digital partner" idea
  • Social Media consulting that gave momentum to the digital partner idea
  • Cool design, closely tied to print
„It takes a single call and within one week we can feature an article about an innovation or an interesting service. In exactly the same professional quality as in the print magazine. Even linking directly to further offers and order pages is now possible.“
Michael Reißbach, 1. chairman of INCENTO