Successful on the Green

With more than 30k registered and active users, is one of the most successful golf community platforms. We completely planed, designed, and developed this portal on the basis of .NET.

The mode of operation and the self-marketing of many golf instructors have not yet arrived in the 21st century. This takes time and hinders training progress. offers the pros a functional digital platform to organise and expand their business easier and suitable to modern demands. The portal has been developed by netzkern in 2010, together with MEANDMYPRO founder and CEO Dawie Stander and continually expanded. By now, hundreds of golf instructors (Pros) and thousands of registered players (Mes) use the portal regularly. The renowned PGA-Trainer was voted into the top 5 golf instructors in Germany.

On, golf instructors can present and manage themselves and their services to a fast-growing golf community. Course packages (e. g. license to play golf courses), group courses, flat-rate courses, and multi-session tickets are set up with few clicks. Functionality like calendar synchronisation, vacation message, and group classification reduce the clutter and can even lead to more revenue for the pro. Golf players receive a personalised training diary with all comments of their pro, including photos, analysis, and training tips for faster advancement and more fun as they play. MEANDMYPRO is partner of the PGA of Germany and other PGA organisations in Europe for many years.

The portal was planned, designed, and programmed in .NET by our passionate digital experts. It is fully responsive and optimised for use on the golf course – even with bad connection. Further development was influenced by trends from the USA, England, South Africa, and Australia where the golf platform made in Germany already successfully connects pros and students digitally. The German users also profit: Demands on usability of digital services are higher in the US than in Germany. Moreover, there are 30 times more golf instructors and increased competition between the pros. Our UX specialists used the feedback from US pros and current trends for the evolution of the portal. This include for example the range of flat-rate offers for players, or the implementation of a golf academy with multiple locations and a unified administration. Both is now also possible for pros in Germany.

netzkern helped us perfectly  in planning, designing, developing, and launching the portal. With the international roll out of our services and lots of premium functionalities, we will continue to expand. With netzkern, we have a partner that accompanies us on this path.
Dawie Stander, founder and CEO of the Düsseldorf Me and my Pro GmbH