Tracking with a plan

For the premium heating manufacturer, we developed a global tracking strategy and launched it with the Google Tag Manager. Thanks to meaningful reports providing actionable insights rather than just numbers, online offers across all brands can now be better compared and optimised.
To solve existing tracking problems, our online marketing team developed and implemented a tracking strategy that is designed for Vaillant’s CMS and the requirements of the individual countries. In close cooperation with Vaillant’s marketing and IT departments, we implemented the Google Tag Manager and integrated existing data from Google Analytics without any data loss. Our certified Google specialists configured the solution in a way that provides the IT with a unified code and yet retains the regional flexibility that marketing needs for tracking. Thus, IT’s workload was reduced and marketing profits from comparable reports across all brands. We are Vaillant’s central contact for all questions around Google Analytics. We solved the technical challenge of true cross device tracking. Users would click on online ads, request a demo which was then delivered in person on company iPads where a purchase could be made, or even on a different device by the same user.. We enabled the Vaillant Team to tie ad clicks to purchase and all that GDPR compliant.