Digital transformation of a Dax company

We support Germany’s leading corporate landlord with their rapid digital transformation. With Sitecore at the core we modernise all digital interfaces with employees, customers, and interested parties.

Today, Vonovia owns and manages around 355.000 apartmens in all attractive cities and regions of Germany. Vonovia as modern service company focusses on the happiness of their tenants. To improve their happiness, the DAX30 company utilises the Sitecore Experience Platform as centrepiece of its communication and interaction. Sitecore at Vonovia is the engine of digital transformation. We are the Sitecore lead agency since 2016.
Together we have and will modernise all areas with Sitecore at the centre:

  • The new intranet: communication between ca. 8.100 employees
  • The new customer portal: digital interaction with the customers (tenants)
  • Customer acquisition in all digital channels

Relaunch intranet

We merged the previously independent intranets of the Deutsche Annington and the GAGAFAH with Sitecore into the Vonvia intranet. The new, clearly structured homepage provides employees a tidied navigation as well as current news from the company. Moreover, digital tools that are needed for everyday work can easily be accessed. We also connected Active Directory (AD) with Sitecore. Thanks to the new single sign-on, employees only need to open their browser to have a personalised information at their fingertips. Additional improvements were made with the search for contacts and content (including office documents and PDFs) which provides results at a single click. Expanding the intranet content is easy thanks to a component-based structure. Editors can choose among manifold elements like teasers, accordions, galleries, and forms and position them freely on every page. Our developers also launched new components on the basis of Sitecore, for example a competition. This allows flexibility in designing pages and also increase their attractiveness for employees.

Relaunch customer portal

In August 2017, Vonovia replaced the old, rarely-used customer portal of Deutsche Annington with a responsive state-of-the-art solution based on Sitecore. The customer portal was build by netzkern and is an integral part in the digital transformation of the interaction with hundreds of thousands of tenants. Previously, communication would take place via phone in a central service centre. The new customer self care system changed this into a modern self-service, available 24/7 – and with additional services like phone or chat bot.

Vonovia sees a bright future for the customer portal and plans on offering the service centre in emergencies only. The customer portal will be strongly advertised with competitions, in the customer magazine, and via other channels. Feedback and engagement of customers/tenants is really good. In the future, additional functionalities for tenants will be included and the customer portal will become the central point of contact for all tenants.
Sitecore is the interface on the inside and the outside. To guarantee the speedy transfer of tenant data from more than 400.000 residential units between the ERP and Sitecore, our digital experts created a special replication logic. With this, the tenant data is not requested from the ERP but from replicated data in another database.
„With netzkern we are set for a great digital line-up. The Sitecore experts support us in all questions surrounding the Sitecore Experience Plaform and our digital channels – whether it is the optimisation of website maintenance, continued improvement of our intranet, or any future project.“
Cornelia Echternach, Head of Web/Mobile-Apss, Vonovia SE

Award for digital excellence

For our successful digital transformation at Vonovia, we recieved the coveted Sitecore Experience Award 2018 in the category “Best business ROI”.
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