Digital transformation in the kitchen

Vorwerk took its praised kitchen appliance Thermomix with our support into the digital world: international, level 11 agile, and successful.
For more than half a century, millions of households all over the world used Vorwerk’s Thermomix. Vorwerk modernised their kitchen appliance fundamentally and took it into the digital age with our support: Digitalisation, connectivity, and household commerce par excellence.
Equipped with a touchscreen and a single button, the Thermomix features intuitive controls. Once attached to the device, all recipes of the recipe chip, the web app, or iOS App will be shown on the Thermomix display. Thermomix chefs can easily and comfortably browse through the recipes. When they find a favourite, the meal can be prepared with the step-by-step instructions of the Guided Cooking function – easily and comfortably.  With this new development of the Wuppertal engineers, time and temperature are pre-set for every step. Thermomix chefs simply follow the instructions on the screen. Just add the ingredients and confirm – Thermomix will do the rest thanks to the unique Guided Cooking function. Never was cooking this easy!

Our developers designed the web app using modern standard such as HTML5, CSS3, current JavaScript frameworks (e. g. AngularJS, JQuery etc.), and connection with the Hybris commerce suite. Users can access and buy recipes and complete cookbooks in the Thermomix Recipe Portal (TRP) via laptop, tablet, or smartphone. The search function quickly shows the fitting recipe for everyone.
The web app was designed responsively and adapts to the used device. The personal recipe library can be accessed from any device and is automatically synchronised. Clear extra value over traditional cookbooks is offered by the weekly planner: With a few clicks, you can plan your meals for the week. The TRP automatically creates a shopping list that can be used for shopping on your own smartphone or sent to somebody else. Millions of users in Europe and even Taiwan and Mexico are already using the app.
„netzkern significantly influenced the development and design of the multi-language web app as a partner. They also took a leading role in its evolution and optimisation. The agile approach provided very good results in form of quality and timing.“
Julius Ganns, Vice President Digital & E-Business, Vorwerk International